Howdy folks! Welcome to Comics Crew, and my name is Jim Ross. Relax, get yourself a nice drink, and sit down for a spell.
As a kid, I collected comic books as a hobby. Many of the cool kids back in my day were addicted to these wonders of literature, and they were fantastic. The Superman, Batman, Spider-Man – it was an ever-expanding universe of wonder.
Over the years, I’ve grown to fall in love beyond my favorite heroes and see the amazing minds behind them. Stan Lee, Chris Claremont, Jack Kirby, Bill Finger – these are legendary people who created entire worlds.
Comics Crew is here to pay homage to these people who gave us these tales. Suspense, astonishment, marvel – this is to pay our respects to the ladies and gentlemen who shaped our young minds.

This is our journey – you and me!

We’ll do a deep dive into our favorite comic book creators. We’ll also go on a discovery tour to find the lesser-known creators of yesteryears who were there to build the foundation of the comic book industry we know and love today.

We’ll even look at the up and coming comic book creators working on the indie scene. We’ll learn their stories – why they’re here, how did they get here, and why are they staying.

Join me in my (mis)adventures into learning more about our favorite comic book creators. Let’s look into their creation process and how they find the inspiration for worlds that molded the child in all of us.

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