CNN has a sweet story about how Youssif met Spider-Man and Captain America while visiting Universal Studios.

Spidey then gave the boy from a far-away land a gentle hug, embracing him in his iconic blue and red tights. He showed Youssif a few tricks, like how to shoot a web from his wrist. Only this time, no web was spun.

“All right Youssif!” Spider-Man said after the boy mimicked his wrist movement.

Other superheroes crowded around to get a closer look. Even the Green Goblin stopped his villainous ways to tell the boy hi. Youssif remained unfazed. He didn’t take a liking to Spider-Man’s nemesis.

Spidey was just too cool.

“It was my favorite thing,” the boy said later. “I want to see him again.”

He then felt compelled to add: “I know it’s not the real Spider-Man.”

Hopefully no one told him that Cap was “dead” or a Skrull now.  Also, there has been a lot of hoopla over if this kid is just being used as propaganda for the Iraq war.  But that is all up to you to decide, I just think it was cool that he met Spidey.

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