Todd Goldman VS the internet

Todd Goldman VS the internet

Apparently Todd Goldman’s lawyers are sending out C&D letters to anyone that mentions the recent allegations of him plagiarizing Dave “Shmorky” Kelly’s webcomic: Dear Sir or Madam:This firm represents Mr. Todd Goldman. I write on behalf of Mr. Goldman regarding...
The downturn in writing quality

The downturn in writing quality

Brevoort recently had an entry on his blog about how he feels he has come full circle and a newer breed of editor is taking over at Marvel: The thing that’s sort of funny to me is how a new, younger breed of editor has risen to take my old place as the great white...

The lack of updates?

You might be wondering why I haven’t been updating as prolifically as I usually do.  Main reason?  I started writing for the Newsarama blog and I’ve been working on getting another site off the ground.

Burnt Iraqi kid meets Spider-Man and Cap

CNN has a sweet story about how Youssif met Spider-Man and Captain America while visiting Universal Studios. Spidey then gave the boy from a far-away land a gentle hug, embracing him in his iconic blue and red tights. He showed Youssif a few tricks, like how to shoot...

I already miss Sabertooth

Jeph Loeb recently “killed off” Sabertooth and it really wasn’t met with much resistance from X-Men fans. People just sort of accepted it and went along with it. There were some rumblings, but
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