I already miss Sabertooth

Jeph Loeb recently “killed off” Sabertooth and it really wasn’t met with much resistance from X-Men fans. People just sort of accepted it and went along with it. There were some rumblings, but

The lamest Wikipedia edit wars: comics!

I stumbled upon this Wikipedia page and ended up spending all day reading talk pages.  I know comic fans are a bristly bunch that will argue canon, names, etc for hours upon hours.  Example: did Spider-Man kill Gwen Stacy if TPBs that came out after the original comic...
World War Hulk Revealed

World War Hulk Revealed

World War Hulk is something that many of us are waiting to get our hands-on. It’s one of those stories that have a lot of people hyping it up, and for a reason. We’ve never seen The Incredible Hulk look this menacing and cool, so we’re looking at a...
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