I already miss Sabertooth

Jeph Loeb recently “killed off” Sabertooth and it really wasn’t met with much resistance from X-Men fans. People just sort of accepted it and went along with it. There were some rumblings, but

Comics on your cell phone

The International Herald Tribune has an article about comics being released onto the cell phone. Some points I found interesting: “It opens up a market that wouldn’t necessarily be seen as a traditional comic market,” writer Sean Demory said of the book’s launch last...
Last Blood: Zombies and Vampires

Last Blood: Zombies and Vampires

Web comics have a reputation of sucking unless they are humor comics.  First Blood is one of the few that I’ve been reading that doesn’t suck.  It is written by Bobby Crosby and illustrated by Owen Gieni. The story?  Well, basically zombies have taken over and...
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