The lack of updates?

You might be wondering why I haven’t been updating as prolifically as I usually do.  Main reason?  I started writing for the Newsarama blog and I’ve been working on getting another site off the ground.
I’ve been busy!

I’ve been busy!

Hi guys, I’ve been swamped at work lately so I haven’t been updating. So, what happened while I was away? Well for starters, it seems LA Times writer Geoff Boucher got clocked in the streets of LA. It was a weird thing to happen, considering it’s Gaslamp...

New server and a new layout

We are on a new server starting today. Which is great. For a bit I thought I had lost everything. But nope, life is good again.Expect the layout to be tweaked a bit, it isn’t “complete”. It isn’t as complicated as the old one.

RIP Robert “Icecleric” Ezell

It is really depressing to see one of our own go.I came home last night to find the following message: To all of Icecleric’s friends:Robert C. Ezell died today at Jim Creek doing what he loved best, riding his Raptor while camping with his children and his...
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