I like Christopher Bird. His Civil War parodies are something I love reading, and mainly the reason why I’m so hellbent at writing here. So far, Bird is restarting a campaign to convince DC to have him write Legion of Superheroes – the futuristic equivalent of the Justice League and Young Justice. His campaign was long, taking as much as 30 days. It’s a shot to the moon, but who knows, right?

So far, the recreation of his campaign is both funny and earnest. For one, his Day 2 campaign of destroying Naltor, the planet of people who can see the future, is cheeky. Even then, he has a good reason and a way to even do it. His plans are logical and they make sense if you look at the story’s canon. He’s also eliminating a bunch of precogs, which is always an interesting plot for an impending doom that even a planet of precogs can’t foresee.

The entire plots is a great read if you’re interested on what Christopher Bird wants to do. It’s a long post, and it’s worth the read.

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