Among the modern comic book writers out there, among the standouts is Tom Taylor. He is a legend in his own right, carving his way into the modern comics landscape.

Multi-awarded and critically acclaimed, his stories are revolutionary on how they treat heroes in the modern world. The level of emotional maturity with his stories is spectacular, without forgetting the moral complexities of the real world.

Who is Tom Taylor?

Tom Taylor is one of the rare Aussie comic book writers who moved from the indie scene to the mainstream. He started his career with his first comic book, together with James Brouwer, Deep: Here Be Dragons and The Vanishing Island.

In 2012, The Deep received multiple awards in Australia for his indie comic book. He then started working on plays in Australia and wrote for different comic book companies.

The Deep: Here Be Dragons – August 2011 (© Gestalt Comics)

Among the first mainstream comic books Taylor worked include Star Wars: Invasion, The Authority, and other Star Wars titles for Dark Horse Comics. Many of these titles also received awards and recognition within the industry.

By 2012, he started working for DC Comics, given reign with many legendary stories. These stories are the ones that skyrocketed Taylor’s fame.

Taylor Breaks Mainstream

Injustice: Gods Among Us – March 2013 (© DC Comics)

Tom Taylor started his DC career with Legends of the Dark Knight. The anthology series was a hit at the time, with his “The Crime Never Committed” being one of the comic’s best stories.

Eventually, Taylor came to work on Injustice: Gods Among Us Volume 1 to 3, with Jheremy Raapack, Mike Miller, and Axel Gimenez as his artists. The first three volumes were hallmarks for their narrative storytelling, and fans loved them.

Taylor moved on with more legendary stories with both Marvel Comics and DC Comics. These include Injustice 2, All-New Wolverine, X-Men: Red, and DCeased.

How A Master Storyteller Weaves His Tales

Tom Taylor’s writing is among the most fantastic writing styles made by the modern comic genre. Taylor’s narrative style is reminiscent of Alan Moore, albeit less cynical. It doesn’t mean, however, that it’s all butterflies and rainbows with him.

Taylor is a master storyteller who specializes in bleak stories of apocalyptic proportions. Many of his tales are dystopian and post-apocalyptic in nature, with a realistic look into human emotion.

Cyborg Kills Giganta, DCeased #6 (© DC Comics)

He is amazing in putting heroes in deep troubles that they almost can’t resolve. His villains are well-fleshed out, and his ability to stamp out hope in his stories.

Tom likes to create an interplay with heroic emotions, pulling moral grays and blacks from even someone as boy scout as Superman. His nuanced take on superheroes is a legend in his own right.

However, Taylor is never cynical in his stories. He always makes stories where there is light at the end of the tunnel. He can put the heroes in the bleakest of times, but there is still a place to go at the end.

Tom Taylor In Years To Come

Tom Taylor is among the master storytellers of the modern era of the comic industry. Among masters like Chris Claremont, Alan Moore, and Frank Miller, Taylor represents the comic book industry’s future.

Taylor will weave more stories of loss and hope for years to come. Let’s hope we’re all around for the ride.

My Reading Recommendations For You

The Deep: Here Be Dragons – the one that started Taylor’s career.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Volume 1 – 3 – a masterful display of Taylor’s nuanced characterization

DCeased – Taylor’s piece de resistance

Hell Blazer: Rise and Fall – Mature story, more mature storytelling


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