DC recently let out some teaser images of the Zuda Comics viewer:

So far it doesn’t look all that bad. It seems to be more functional than flash and dazzle, and that is a good thing. There is a reason CDisplay is popular: it is simple, it works, and it lets you get to the content with ease. Looking at the images it seems like there is a possibility it is Flash based, which can either be good or bad. Good in the sense that it makes “stealing” images out of it a little harder than a CBR/CBZ package, you won’t have to install any 3rd party programs on your computer, and it will make centralizing the comics DC plans on releasing a lot easier. Bad in the sense that users haven’t been all that impressed by other flash based comic readers. Especially Marvel’s own version, which has some features that I’d enjoy for about 5 minutes, but seem obtrusive in the long run.

DC recently mailed out some more images along with some details about the reader:

A special thanks to the massively talented Pop Mhan, Ramon Perez, Karl Kerschl and Tim Smith 3 for helping us out by creating those webcomic pages for the viewer demonstration. If you are attending WizardWorld Chicago this weekend, maybe you’ll get to see the viewer in real time at the Zuda panel. Y’know. Maybe… if there’s any room left in the 1200-seat auditorium.

“You can click through the screens using the navigation in the center or jump to any screen in the series by typing in the screen number in the center box.”

Like I said,the viewer is extremely functional. There doesn’t appear to be any flash and dazzle other than the fact that it lets you zoom in, which is more functional than obtrusive:

“You can zoom in on any part of the art for closer inspection using the slider (or with key commands) ”

The bar appears and disappears as you move your mouse over it. The buttons on the left are more interesting to me – full screen, print, help, and… what are the last 3?

The most interesting feature is the following one:

“You can browse by screens too.

Screen browsing is a great idea that was first implemented by CDisplay, it makes finding specific panels you are interested in easy.

So far I’m pleased with what DC has to offer, it seems like they are developing something that won’t suck.  Also, take a second to check out some of the postcards that DC has received.

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