A sad and shocking news came to my email and Myspace inbox today. Arnold Drake, one of the most prolific comic book writers of his time, dying from septic shock and pneumonia. According to news, Drake collapsed a few days after attending New York Comic Con last February 23 to 25 due to pneumonia. It’s sad and disappointing to hear that the creator of Deadman is not with us anymore.

Drake created characters we know and love, including Deadman, Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol. He eventually made Guardians of the Galaxy with Stan Lee – which are the predecessors to the Guardians of the Galaxy by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Before his death, a new Doom Patrol graphic novel was in the works for him.

Beyond his comics, Arnold Drake was a maverick of his time.

Drake was well known around comic book circles as a leading name for the writer’s revolt. He fought the big publishers tooth and nail for health insurance, better pay, and royalties, which earned him the ire of Irwin Donenfeld. Drake also saw how DC is getting a big competitor in the form of Stan Lee and Marvel Comics in the 60s.

Mark Evanier wrote a hearthwarming obituary for Arnold Drake too. We love you, Arnold. Boston will help you get wherever you need now.

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