Keith Giffen has a great entry about what creators think about the average fan over at Wizard’s website.

We don’t hate you. We don’t hold you in contempt and, yes, I feel comfortable saying that on behalf of the vast majority of comic book professionals. Hell, we’re working to get and hold your attention. Without you guys and gals we’d have to retreat to our fallback career choices…assuming we’ve got one past “You want fries with that?”

Do you frustrate us? Exasperate us? Drive us to distraction? Absolutely! That’s the way it’s supposed to work. You vote with your dollar and that entitles you to have your say, be it positive, negative or (most dreaded of all) apathetic. And we listen. As much as we might pretend not to…we really do listen.

I know of very few professionals who churn out a book without first seriously considering the fan mindset. That doesn’t sound like hate to me. Sounds a lot like respect.

Oh…editors despise you! Just thought you ought to know.


No. Really.

Sadly, sometimes I don’t believe that the voting with dollars part works.

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