From what we’ve seen so far, Paramount’s Stardust is one of most promising titles in recent times. It’s literally Shrek for adults, which means it’s all the adult fantasy themes minus the talking donkey and Pixar gags. it’s a masterwork from Neil Gaiman, but I can’t help but ask if Paramount is doing its job to market the movie properly.

So far, the movie hasn’t received a lot of press, apart from a poster and maybe some stills. The adaptation will have Michelle Pfeiffer in it, with Matthew Vaughn in the director’s seat and Ian McKellen as the narrator. These kinds of adaptations don’t get the amount of press they need for people to know they’re coming to theaters. This leads to a bad cycle of good movie not getting enough marketing, which then leads to the move not selling well on the box office.

From how I remember the original Stardust, the movie will likely be whimsical, action-packed, and humorous to a fault. Neil Gaiman knows when to be serious and when to be funny in his stories. As long as it’s a faithful adaptation, I can imagine that the story will wow its onlookers.

I’m not sure if Paramount is twiddling their fingers right now on a very profitable IP. They have an award winner on their hands, and the last thing they want is to screw off with it.

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