In recent years, we all know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has become a bit stale thanks to the movies. It seems to me that Mirage doesn’t know what to do with the IP anymore. What’s more shocking to learn, however, is that Kevin Eastman is fully bought out of his IP rights to TMNT.

In an exclusive interview, Peter Laird, one-half of the dynamic duo who created the bared that he has been on the process of buying out Kevin Eastman’s share of the IP since 2000. In an interview with UnderGround Online, Baird noted how Kevin Eastman got tired of the property. Here’s the interview:

UGO: I read that you bought Kevin Eastman’s share of the Turtles. So do you own them now?

PL: Basically. I own all the intellectual property rights to the turtles.

UGO: Wow.

PL: You could say that. I bought Kevin’s interest in 2000.

UGO: Any idea why Kevin sold it?

PL: I think he was just tired of it. He wanted to move on and has other things to spend more time on.

UGO: Do you and Kevin keep in contact?

PL: We don’t, actually. I haven’t spoken to him for over two years, which isn’t unusual. We didn’t really have anything to do with each other for the last nine years. He had moved to California and I stayed in Massachusetts.

It’s hard to fault Eastman for letting go of his rights and selling it to Peter. Even then, Mirage isn’t doing much for the IP either. I’m wondering if they’ll eventually settle to selling the IP to some big company like Nick or Marvel. Only time will tell.

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