So at first, I was wondering to myself, “Why are they making Luke Cage an Avenger?” I mean yeah, he’s got super strength and unbreakable skin, but I mean… I think you need a little more than that to be an Avenger, no? I mean, freaking Thor the god of freaking thunder was on the team at one point. So that got me wondering, then I came upon a little gem. You see, they let Luke Cage on the team because he is crazy-monkey-nuts.

A little explanation:

Once long ago back in Luke Cage #8, Dr. Doom hires Luke Cage to beat up some robots. Cage does so but Dr. Doom runs out on the bill (why Luke Cage doesn’t think that a SUPERvillain wouldn’t run out on his bill is beyond me.), but not before tiding up the embassy and shutting it down.

Imagine getting a nice slap from Doctor Doom, like you’re buddies.

So then Mr. Fantastic (being the as***le that he is) lends Luke Cage a rocket so he can fly to Latveria to pick up on his, get this, two hundred dollar bill. Yeah, that’s right, Luke Cage flies a rocket to Latveria to pick up 2 bills from Doctor Doom. Now I don’t know who Reed is screwing with more, Cage or Doom.

Reed: Alright, fly safe!
Cage flies off
Thing: OMG, you jackass, I can’t believe you just gave him that rocket.
Reed: I know, this’ll be great. I don’t think Doom’s going to be sending a Christmas card this year. LOL

Luke Cage, debt collector

So anyhow, Luke Cage flies off to Doom Castle and gets there. He beats the crap out of Doom’s guards and such and then bursts into his room. And we get this little moment of awesome:

That’s right. He called Dr. Doom, “Honey.” So then Doom and Cage gets all feisty with each other and have a nice little scuffle. I’m sure Luke Cage bitch slaps Doom somewhere in there, because Cage is a big black guy coming to collect on one of his ho’s. He’s gotta do it. So aftewards doom goes:

That’s right, beyotch. Cage always gets his scrilla. And the moral of this story: Luke Cage is one crazy mofo. He’ll kill your mom for money.

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