So far, we’ve gotten three iterations of Spider-Man and we’re ready for Spider-Man 4. We’re also ready for his next villain, and there seems to be leaks on who they can be. According to Freeze Dried Movies, fans can expect three villains possibly coming to hunt and kill Spider-Man. These are Black Cat, Carnage, and the all-important Doc Curt “The Lizard” Connors.

This is pure speculation so far, considering that there isn’t even a lick of sense that to that combination of Peter’s rogues gallery. First and foremost, development has not even started for the fourth film. The studio is in talks with David Koepp but there’s almost nothing more to it. The development will likely start around next year, if at all.

The biggest names for Spider-Man are already in use for Sam Raimi, so we’re looking at the less intimidating ones now. Curt Connors has already received a mention in-world in Spider-Man 3 and even appeared in both sequels, as done so by Dylan Baker. He’s the perfect choice now, together with Carnage and Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy.

Here’s the problem.

While it makes sense for him to be the next villain, considering he’s the “best friend” of Peter Parker. The problem is how Sam Raimi can make him interesting. Connors is in the same boat as Peter, getting an experimental serum with reptilian DNA. He tested the serum on himself and became “The Lizard”.

Another problem is Black Cat and Carnage. While “The Lizard” is possible, bordering likely, these two are impossible. First, Felicia Hardy still needs a proper introduction and people will likely think she’s another Catwoman copycat. As for Carnage, we only had Venom and people didn’t like him too much.

Why not use Mysterio? Why not use Vulture or maybe the Hobgoblin? There’s a lot of better villains out there.

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