Brevoort recently had an entry on his blog about how he feels he has come full circle and a newer breed of editor is taking over at Marvel:

The thing that’s sort of funny to me is how a new, younger breed of editor has risen to take my old place as the great white hope. Whether it’s Andy Schmidt or Warren Simons or Steve Wacker or “whoever’s editing WORLD WAR HULK, that guy knows what he’s doing!” (Mark Paniccia), there are quarters where this is spoken as gospel truth. And what’s funny to me is that nobody on the outside really has any idea how much (or how little) input and effect I might have on any of the projects they love at the moment. And assuming that their careers continue to rise, it’s only a matter of time until Warren, Steve and Mark are traitors, mercenaries, liars and fiends. (Andy Schmidt avoided all this by leaving staff.)

I find it kind of funny when you consider how much flak Marvel is taking over things lately. They’ve managed to turn even hardcore fans against them in under a year. Spider-Man unmasking, Cap just giving up at the end of Civil War… then dying, Elektra being a Skrull, the whole Lupine thing from Wolverine, killing off Aunt May again, etc. You start to wonder who the hell is green lighting all of this. Didn’t someone learn from Clone Saga and all the other “edgy” storylines that came out from Tom DeFalco’s time as editor? Fans – hardcore and average – hate seeing too many changes at once. They might bitch about a retcon but they’ll stop reading a book if it abandons what they feel is it’s core.


Iron Fist, Daredevil, and parts of World War Hulk make up my main Marvel reading list. I rarely hear anything positive about the direction Marvel is taking at the local comic book store either. Even World War Hulk’s hype is starting to cool off because of how the entire Professor X-Hulk fight ended.

The “I’ll let you live because you’ll suffer more because people you loved died” cliche? Why? Is this how the rest of World War Hulk is going to play out also? And Gamma Corps is so bad that it makes me want to rip out my eyeballs, stomp on them, and ask myself why I didn’t spend the $3 on something that could have been used to preemptively rip out my eyeballs so I wouldn’t have had the option to ever have read it.

Don’t think that DC is doing any better lately. While Marvel is just pissing off fanboys by shaking things up DC is releasing a Cleveland steamer all over its collective universe and expecting us to be cool with it. They took all the love and goodwill they accumulated out of 52 and gave us back Countdown.

Other than Sinestro Corps (and Vertigo) there really isn’t anything that seems to captivate me in the DCU right now – and honestly, I’m expecting DC to figure out a way to botch that also. There are 52 Aftermath books running alongside Countdown books running alongside crap that ties into everything somehow. You have to practically buy the entire universe to make sense of it because the second a new arc starts in a book you’ve been reading for a few years you get “HOLD ON, READ COUNTDOWN #X TO MAKE SENSE OF WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE”.

And when DC swears they’ll shake things up we get… Amazons Attack? Oh no, bees! But guess what, there is another crisis looming! I bet it has something to do with the multiverse, kind of like every other crisis that has happened since the ’80s. Are we going to have another year where DC explains what the hell happened in that crisis also?

Maybe it is too early to be nostalgic, but 2002-2005 was a great era for comics. Ultimates, All-Star Superman, etc. Great series started in this time… but then the big two started getting greedy. Variant covers, maxi-events, and a whole bunch of crap that people will buy because they think it might be worth something later on down the road. Doesn’t this remind anyone of another time all of this happened? I’m starting to see the amount of books I’m subscribing to dwindle, and it is because I just don’t care about what is happening anyone.

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