Hurricane Katrina is a god-awful thing that happened to New Orleans, and it became one of the most devastating events in 2005. For those who want to see a glimpse of the entire catastrophe, a new wecomic about Hurricane Katrina is now out with Smith Mag on their website.

I’ve followed the webcomics since the start of the year and so far it’s been impressive. It’s not something as silly as Tim Buckley’s Ctrl+Alt+Del or even the Perry Bible Fellowship. Rather, this is a retelling from the eyes of the survivors of this horrific tragedy. It’s one of the few webcomics out there that is not about fun, but rather about the experience of the people who suffered in that tragedy.

The story follows Denise, a native New-Orleanian who lived in Mid-City with her mother and relatives. What makes it different are the audio and video clips, newspaper stories and the like, working as some sort of journal. It’s a must-read for anyone who’s looking to understand what kind of devastation the victims underwent. The story is written and drawn by a cartoonist named Josh Neufeld.

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