Renee Montoya is one of the strongest girls in the DC universe, not because she can beat villains to a pulp. She can, but there are more women who can do it better than she can. Montoya is strong because her detective skills are unparalleled and her personality is something that grows on you. Even then, it’s hard to get behind her becoming Question.

For the longest time, one of the best cult heroes for comic book nerds is The Question, Charlie Victor Szasz/Vic Sage. For the longest time, Vic has not received the proper respect he deserved for many years since his inception in Charlton’s Blue Beetle Volume 4 #1. He’s been mostly a side character and portrayed differently across various media.

For example, Vic Sage in the O’Neil series is an ethically gray objectivist who had no a moral event horizon when faced with the idea of killing, as per his 1991 appearance in the Brave and the Bold. In the Veitch miniseries, he’s an urban shaman instead who is both brutal and warrior-like. The mere fact that he isn’t given consistent treatment means he has more stories to tell.

Enter Renee Montoya.

Renee Montoya got the job of being The Question at the expense of Charlie having lung cancer. Vic tried to train her into the role, but she was not receptive of it throughout their entire run in 52. When the time came that she needs to take on the mantle, she does so with deep hesitation of her role. Her character development was too abrupt too, bouncing from alcoholism to heroism in a snap. I would’ve appreciated for her to develop a little more, and maybe without sacrificing Vic in the process.

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